Bã mì xay
Tapioca residue grind is ground from tapioca residue clots as customer demand. The products are packed in the package 50 kgs/ PP bag. The quality of its is the same quality of tapioca residue clots. ...
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cassava flour
Tapioca  Flour: NTD  Tapioca  Flours  are  produced  on  a production line with the same tapioca starch. So it is the same with Food-grade starch. Packing: 25kg paper bag, 50 kgs/ PE or PP bag or Jumbo bag: 500, 600, 850, 1000 kgs/bag Application: used in making bread, food, the processing ir ...
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Bã mì cục
Tapioca residue clots are dried under the sun. Because they depend on the weather so the quality is good in the sunny season and opposite. Specification:       - Moisture: 13% max      - Starch: 50% min      - Fiber: 14% max      - Ash: 3% max      - Color: cream color; no mold; no ...
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