Tapioca residue is three types: Tapioca residue clots, Tapioca residue grind, Drying tapioca  residue

1. Tapioca residue clots:

Tapioca residue clots are dried under the sun. Because they depend on the weather so the quality is good in the sunny season and opposite.

      – Moisture: 13% max

     - Starch: 50% min

     - Fiber: 14% max

     - Ash: 3% max

     - Color: cream color; no mold; no worm and no smell; not contain banned substances

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2. Tapioca residue grind:

Tapioca residue grind is ground from tapioca residue clots as customer demand. The products are packed in the package 50 kgs/ PP bag. The quality of its is the same quality of tapioca residue clots.

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3. Drying tapioca residue

This product has high quality because it makes a good the shortcoming of tapioca residue clots such as moisture, color, foreign matter. Fresh tapioca residues obtaine after starch separation process are passed through the system in a closed process drying over land with certain temperature. Therefore drying cassava residues have high starch ratio and no impurities.


      – Moisture: 13% max

      – Starch: 55% min

      – Fiber: 14% max

      – Ash: 0.3% max

      – Color: cream; no mold; no worm; not contain banned substances.

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