Sorbitol is a white color, not smell, pleasant sweet taste, well soluble in water and alcohol but insolubility in organic solvents. Water solubility is 2700 gram/liter at 30oC.

In industry, Sorbitol is produced from glucose under the influence of temperature and high pressure, hydrogenation with nickel (Ni) will constitute Sorbitol

Sorbitol has a sweet cool flavor and sweet taste similar 60% compared to cane sugar (Saccharose sugar).

Sorbitol is used as sweetener in many products, it is also stable moisturizing cream, and stability besides bringing sweet flavor

Chemical formula: C6H14O6

Usage in the food processing:

- Reducing the freezing point of ice cream to help soften cream.

- Used as a moisturizer and create viscosity, shading, control crystallized sugar

- No caramel reaction occurs so it is able to improve organoleptic of fruit juice.

- Used in producing candy to reduce costs commonly.

- The viscosity of Sorbitol Syrup is useful in the slowing crystallization.

Usage in the cake processing:

- Sorbitol is moisturizing and protecting the surface cake

- To slow down the fermentation.

- Increased heat- resistant for the cake and slow down the caramen reaction so that the cakes do not burn when the inner layer is not done.

- To reduce in crystallized clot to created for soft cake.

- Increase the moisture to help the cake is not drying and cracking.

- To slow down the crystallization processing of saccharose.